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28 Nov


2014 Thanksgiving Celebrations for the Home


As we begin to think of Thanksgiving, we may wonder how we can have a day not simply focused on the meal we will share as a family. Taking time to prepare together for the holiday and plan for a meaningful celebration around the table helps express our faith.


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Thanks Be to God!


As we look forward to December and the Advent season that prepares us for receiving the gift of God made flesh, let's consider all the many ways in which people come to know Jesus for the first time – and all the ways in which they come to know him in a new and deeper way. After all, why would we so eagerly prepare ourselves for Jesus' coming/return if we were not already convinced of what a wonderful gift Jesus has been in our own lives? November, beginning with All Saints' Sunday and ending with Christ the King Sunday, presents us with the perfect opportunity to give thanks for the many ways in which we have encountered Jesus.

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A Morning Prayer of Thanksgiving


Loving God,
Creator of all that has been, all that is, and all that is to come;
You made us human and gave us hearts to love you and follow you.   

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A Service of Holy Communion for Thanksgiving


This order of service may be used on Thanksgiving Eve, Day, or the Sunday closest to Thanksgiving Day. It may be used in planning an ecumenical service when the participating churches are open to sharing the eucharistic table. If such sharing is not possible, Holy Communion may be omitted.   

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Creative Ideas for Celebrating Thanksgiving


Share Holy Communion on Thanksgiving Day. Communion is also called Eucharist -- sometimes from the Greek word in the NT eucharisteo, which means "thanksgiving." Holy Communion, in the forms that it is given in The United Methodist Hymnal and The United Methodist Book of Worship, is a festive and celebratory gathering, praising God for God's goodness. Combine Holy Communion with a shared meal following. This enacts the love feast and sacramental meal in a way that is similar to the way the early Christians held Communion. They did not separate eating and "breaking bread" as we generally do now.   

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Child’s Thanksgiving Prayer


This is a prayer appropriate to use in Thanksgiving gatherings with family or friends.  

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Hymns for Thanksgiving Day


Here are hymns appropriate for Thanksgiving Day. 

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Musical Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving! What a great holiday, even if it isn't part of the liturgical year! What's not to like — Pilgrims and Indians in fellowship, turkey, corn, cranberries, pumpkin pie, family, friends, football…. If you look in most hymnals' seasonal or topical index of hymns, you'll find dozens of hymns and songs related to Thanksgiving and giving thanks. 

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Planning an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service in Your Community


In a world that seems much smaller and much more interdependent than we knew before September 11, 2001, the opportunity to share gratitude and pain in various ways is critical. Many congregations and leaders are aware in new ways of other religions and of people of other faiths — particularly the Islamic faith — in their midst. As a matter of Gods shalom and justice, pastors and people have reached out to stand in solidarity with people of faith who were suddenly demonized and the objects of violence and abuse. 

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Thanksgiving Every Day


As Christians, we must remember that each day is a thanksgiving day. We are blessed with God's abundant love every day. 

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