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Father’s Day
June 15, 2014
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Giving Thanks for Fathers Near and Far

Oh God,
We thank you for fathers near
Fathers with strong arms . . .
We thank you, O God, for fathers far away
Fathers who ache for their families . . . 


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Call to Worship and Opening Prayer for Father’€™s Day

All of us are shaped by the relationship or lack of relationship with our fathers. 


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Prayer of Confession for Father’s Day

Our Father in Heaven,
Hear us on Earth who struggle to imitate your love.  


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Prayer for Men for Father’s Day

O Lord Our Heavenly Father:
You, who adopt orphan children and care for the widows;
You stand at the door staring at the horizon,
desiring that your prodigal children come home. 


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Litany of Peace for Father’s Day

Loving God, we lift this day our gratitude for the loving men
who have brought us the precious heart of your Father Love.
We give thanks to you this day . . . 


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Father’s Day Prayer

Our Father who art in heaven,
bless the fathers who are on earth;
Those who work hard every day
to light a path and show the way;
Those who forget and don't perceive
the devastation when they leave.


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Family Devotions for Father’s Day

Many times a day like Father’s Day will come and go and we realize all we’ve done is given cards or gifts to the men in our lives who we wish to honor. On this Father’s Day, take time in your family for devotions together.  


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The Best Shave Ever: A Father’s Day Remembrance

It would not be a long visit. Dad was in the hospital. The cancer had come back, and the outlook was bleak. "I know you're busy Richard, the holidays and all," Mom had said, "But I think Dad would like to see you." She didn't have to finish the sentence. She never did anyway. I knew. I was on the next plane.  


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April 22, 2014
Pastors: Making a Good Move

Designed for pastors who are moving to a new appointment, this event will include ways to say good-bye in the current congregation and say hello to a new place and new people. Tips and advice from several sources for this change that impacts your well-being, your family and friends.

Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm, Central Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Betsey Heavner