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Ash Wednesday
March 5, 2014
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Music for Ash Wednesday

Music scores in Sibelius and pdf for Ash Wednesday.


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Water and Ashes Do Not Mix!

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. More and more congregations are including "The Imposition of Ashes" in their worship on Ash Wednesday. It makes sense to do this, given the name of the day and the service; but the truth is, many Protestant churches have held the service without the use of ashes. For many, it was seen as "too catholic." And many Protestant churches were intolerant of such symbolic gestures. 


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Ashes to Ashes

 by Beth Richardson

I've never been that comfortable
With Ash Wednesday
With Lent
With self-examination and repentance
And being reminded of my mortality . . .


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On the Eve of Ash Wednesday

by Beth Richardson

I am overwhelmed with too much
Too many tasks, responsibilities, voices
Too many distractions and demands


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Contemporary Service for Ash Wednesday

In 2010, I received a request for a “contemporary” Ash Wednesday service. This was a first for this office, to my knowledge. Typically, we’ve commended using the ritual in the Book of Worship because it does what this service needs to do and because it does so using highly ecumenically recognizable language and symbols and standard United Methodist resources.


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Chuck Knows Ash Wednesday

Ever seen a little smudge mark on someone's forehead as they walk out of church? That's a sign of the cross, and it means it's Ash Wednesday during Lent. Chuck, GBOD's humorous philosopher and knower of church things, tells you about this important worship service in this episode from the series Chuck Knows Church.


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“Dust and Ashes”

The worship song "Dust and Ashes," in appropriately emotional and expressive musical style and textual content, recalls these Lenten and Ash Wednesday themes and sets the right tone for the day and the season. It is an ideal song to use on Ash Wednesday during the imposition of ashes or as a congregational song during the service.


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Changer:  A Prayer Poem for Ash Wednesday

Cover me with ashes,
the thick-smoke soot of the earth.
Make my breathing like the journey
from death into life -- second by second,
prayer by prayer. 


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Ash Wednesday Litany of Reconciliation and Litany Leading to Prayer

We who are weary come home.  Come home from sin and home from shame. Come home from dishonor and home from disdain. Come home to be made whole, come home for nourishment of the soul.  


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Ash Wednesday Video

Simplicity and spareness, quiet and focus: These are the atmospheric touchstones for the Ash Wednesday service.  The ritual in the current Book of Worship offers the shape for this service that has been kept worldwide for centuries. No sermon is needed here. Perhaps the briefest of homilies, perhaps even just a series of words, as in this simple video by Greg Feightner. 


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April 22, 2014
Pastors: Making a Good Move

Designed for pastors who are moving to a new appointment, this event will include ways to say good-bye in the current congregation and say hello to a new place and new people. Tips and advice from several sources for this change that impacts your well-being, your family and friends.

Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm, Central Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Betsey Heavner