Worship With Youth

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An Order for Blessing New Drivers

Dear Friends in Christ:
In our mobile society, receiving a driver’s license is a significant and meaningful transition in life, long-awaited and greatly celebrated as a signpost of growth and maturing on the road to full adulthood.  It is a gateway to new freedom and a significant responsibility not to be taken lightly.


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Contemplative Christmastide Worship for Youth Ministries (by Gavin Richardson)

There are  tons of things going on during Advent/Christmastide. Parties, buying presents, extra work, travel, family, church, and probably a few other things. Claiming an hour or so of sacred space in this manner during a church gathering time is a great way to help people refocus and refresh during a chaotic time. It is my hope that this gives you some inspired ideas to provide such sacred space. 


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Litany for Education and Schools from the National Council of Churches

Our faith challenges us to care for children, especially those who are at risk—those Jesus called “the least of these.” Within the important guidelines of our nation’s Constitution, the church and public schools can work together for the well-being of children.  


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Youth Specialties

Youth Specialties supports youth ministry in all denominations through resources, events, and the website.  


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Rite of Passage Prayers for Teens Receiving Their Drivers’ Licenses

The following are some ritual resources and prayers for use with youth receiving their drivers' licenses. Families, congregations, and pastors should adapt them and include symbols, actions, and expressions that are full of meaning in such rites. 


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Review of This Holy Mystery: A Study Guide for Children and Youth

With the publication of This Holy Mystery: A Study Guide for Children and Youth, United Methodist congregations can now offer ways for people of all ages to study and experience our official teaching document on Holy Communion, This Holy Mystery: A United Methodist Understanding of Holy Communion.  


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Youth Leadership in Hispanic Worship

Our youth are a great gift — for the Hispanic church in particular and for the church in general. They are a "people with a promise." However, in an era of Ricky Martin, Jennifer López, and MTV, how do we keep our youth interested in church and worship so they do not find it boring and outdated? Before we answer that question, we need to ask ourselves: Do we look forward to the worship experience? Do we feel enough enthusiasm so as to invite others to church to share it?


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