Worship With Children

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A Blessing of the Backpacks and the School Year

A blessing for your congregation's students and their school year 


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Children’s Sunday and Children€‘s Sabbath

Children's Sunday and Children’s Sabbath are days set aside for children. Children’s Sunday celebrates children as active participants in the life of the church. Children's Sabbath is an ecumenically celebrated weekend committed to educating the congregation about the state of today’s children and families in America.  


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Welcoming Children with Special Needs

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs” – Matthew 19.15a 


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Litany for Education and Schools from the National Council of Churches

Our faith challenges us to care for children, especially those who are at risk—those Jesus called “the least of these.” Within the important guidelines of our nation’s Constitution, the church and public schools can work together for the well-being of children.  


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Children’s Moments

Children's Moments done well are an opportunity to proclaim the Word of God, and to affirm that children are full participants in the life of the congregation. Liturgically, there is no explicit placement in the Order of Worship for Children's Moments. So, how do we visibly show that children are a part of the church in the midst of worship? 


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A Resource List on Children and the Sacraments

A comprehensive list of resources and websites the will help pastors, leaders, and parents guide children in their understanding of baptism and Communion. 


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Sharing Easter with Your Children

Easter is the key experience of the Christian faith. Do you believe that? After all, we are Easter people. Yet we often find it difficult to talk with children about Easter. 


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Godparents: A Ministry of Love & Disciple Making

Amazing grace that loves, forms, and affirms us comes in many ways. One of the ways that such grace comes into our lives is through people who are spiritual parents to the baptized; that is, godparents or sponsors.  


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Changing the Words of Communion

Is it appropriate to change the words of Communion?  Which words in the liturgy are we discussing? Why would a presider or liturgical planner think about changing traditional words of the liturgy?  


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