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Social Principles Bulletin Inserts

This website has church bulletin inserts featuring specific Social Principles of The United Methodist Church. The inserts are designed in two colors that will reproduce excellently in black and white. The bulletin inserts are 11x8.5 inches (landscape format). Most inserts are two-sided. The second side includes scriptures, prayer, readings, action suggestions and a snippet about United Methodist activity related to the Social Principle.  


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On Greeting Persons With Disabilities: A Suggestion Manual for Ushers and Greeters

An understanding of the varied needs of persons with disabilities will help ushers and greeters become more comfortable in their jobs. This article answers the questions, "What is appropriate?" and "What do I do in case of an emergency?" 


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What Shall We Call Our Worship Leaders?

You hear all kinds of titles and names for worship leaders in our churches: "the minister," "the preacher," "the pastor," "the liturgist," "the people up front," "the celebrant," and more. Often the service folder or bulletin lists "the participants." How ironic that the leaders are listed as participants as if the rest of the folks were mere spectators. I propose that we adopt two basic titles for worship leaders: presiding minister (or presider) and assisting minister(s).  


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Acolyte Training Resources

An acolyte is a person who assists the presiding minister/pastor in worship and carries out certain duties, including candle lighting; carrying the processional cross; holding or getting items the pastor needs at baptisms, Holy Communion, and other worship acts. Acolytes may be children, youth, and adults. 


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Altar Guild Resources

Books to assist the Altar Guild 


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The American Flag in Methodist Worship: A Historical Look at Practice

Does "Old Glory" in the congregation’s place of worship conflict with the glorification of our unbounded, nationless God? Can the prophetic word — and even God’s word of judgment — to a nation be heard when that nation’s flag stands in a place of honor?


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Should We Have Flags in the Church? The Christian Flag and the American Flag

Common as this practice is, there seems to be no way to display both flags together that does not dishonor one flag or the other.


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