Seasons of the Christian Year

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Keeping Easter Season in Year A

Historically, Lent and Eastertide have been all about discipling people in the way of Jesus and sending them into ministry in his name. The primary purpose of Lent has been to help people begin to live the way of Jesus as they prepare to receive baptism or reaffirm the baptismal covenant at the Easter Vigil or on Easter morning. Eastertide picks up where Lent leaves off.  It helps those schooled in living Christ's way during Lent both to understand what has happened to them in baptism, what it means to be part of the body of Christ, and to begin to take their place as ministers in Christ's name and in the power of the Holy Spirit who has given each gifts for ministry.


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Planning for Worship During Lent, Year A: Living Our Baptismal Calling

The primary purpose of Lent from the earliest church -- and as both the Roman Catholic and the Revised Common Lectionary now support it -- was to prepare candidates for baptism at Easter. Lent was designed to help the church help these candidates become purged from sinful ways, and live more fully into the way of Christ. Lent was and is the final stage of labor before new birth, a final incubation before “hatching” into new life. The Season after Epiphany has prepared the congregation to take on this work with newcomers to the faith as well as those who are preparing to make deeper commitments. The Season of Lent is the time for the congregation to fulfill its role as “midwife to the Spirit” for these candidates as fully as the Spirit may allow.


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A Blessing for Workers and All Seeking Work

Blessed are you, ever-creating God,
in your image, our lives are made;
in your glory, we offer all the work of our hearts and hands and minds.  


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