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New worship resourcing of God's people, by God's people, and for all God's people

The resources on this page are being developed by and writers and writing groups representing the rich and diverse voices of Christians across the world. They are the work of God's people, by God's people, and for all God's people. That is why everything here is covered under a Creative Commons license that makes it easy and legal for anyone, anywhere to use and reproduce what appears here by any means they have available. These resources may not be altered while they are under development, nor may they be sold without written permission. Write to with any questions you have about permissions.

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Open Source Liturgy

Vaaj Ntsujplig hab tug Nkauj Nyaab has tas, “Ca le lug ntawm nuav! Tug kws nqhes dlej ca le lug ntawm nuav, tug kws xaav haus ca le lug txais cov dlej cawm txujsa moog haus.  Cov dlej nuav yog pub dlawb dlawb tsi yuav nqe” (Tshwmsim 22:17). 


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A Native American Celebration of Holy Communion

This is the first trial version of this resource, intended for use and testing by worshiping communities whose feedback will help to improve it in successive releases.  


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Ua Tsaug Rua Yexus Rooj Mov

The Great Thanksgiving in Hmong -- A first draft, released for testing, developed by the Hmong Writing Group of the Open Source Liturgy Project, meeting 9/10/2011 in St. Paul, Minnesota. 


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Lectionary and Scripture Resources

Web sites with quotes, scriptures, references, and lectionary helps to aide in planning your worship services.


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Appalachian Lord’s Supper

Gentle Jesus, meek and wild,You share our load and bear our burdens,You break our addictions and free us from sin.You straighten us up and make us whole. 


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Breaking Bread Behind the Wall: A Prison Communion Liturgy

The language of this form of the Communion prayer reflects the ways many prisoners understand and address God, Jesus, Spirit and Trinity in the prison setting. Congregations of men are often most comfortable addressing God as "Father." Settings including juvenile offenders or women often are not. Both kinds of readings are offered here in various places to address these different kinds of contexts. 


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Open Source Liturgy Project Overview

Liturgy is the work of the people. The development of new worship resources for the church, therefore, should be and reflect the work of the people, all people who want to be part of such projects. And the results of such community efforts should be shareable and usable by anyone, anywhere, anytime.   


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Holy Communion at the End of an Appointment

We are thankful, great God, for the doors you take us through.You comfort us in the closing of yesterdaysand you guide us in the opening of tomorrows.  


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