Great Thanksgiving

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A Great Thanksgiving for Independence Day

This service may be used on July 4 or the Sunday nearest Independence Day or other occasions when the church gathers to celebrate and recall the nature of true freedom. It may be used in the United States or the independence day of any nation. 


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“Holy Wisdom”:  A Great Thanksgiving

Holy Wisdom is with us.
We praise you, Christ Crucified.
Holy Spirit breathes in us.
Spirit of Power, Spirit of Life!
Holy Source of All draws near.
In you alone we boast!


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A Great Thanksgiving for Trinity Sunday

We are yours, all yours, blessed Triune God,
all our lives, all our thanks, all our praise,
all our hesitations, all our grumbling, all our fears,
we give it all to you, with all our bodies, and minds, and voices.


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Great Thanksgiving for Times of Natural Disaster

At the beginning of time,  
you brought order out of chaos  
and light out of darkness.
When your people suffered loss,  
you sent prophets to comfort them  
with your word of hope and healing. 


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A Great Thanksgiving for Festival of God’s Creation

Yours the blessing, yours the praise,
from the unimaginable silence before the big bang,
beyond the farthest reaches of time and space our instruments may ever find,
from infinity to infinity, everlasting to everlasting,
you are God, boundless in love and power.


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A Musical Prayer of Great Thanksgiving for the Lenten Season

The Rev. Nickolas Campbell  has composed a musical setting of The Great Thanksgiving service of Holy Communion for leader and congregation using hymn tunes usually associated with the Lenten season.


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A Great Thanksgiving for Transfiguration Sunday

Though we failed to shine, and hid your image within us,
you continued to call us into fellowship with you
and to fulfill your mission for usthrough prophets, scriptures, priests,
and a people you redeemed for yourself. 


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The Great Thanksgiving for Black History Month

You formed us in your image
and breathed into us the breath of life.
When human cruelty reared its ugly head,
you sustained your people
and made it possible for us to survive
the middle passage,
auction blocks,
whipping posts
and forced labor.


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La Saint Cène d’après la liturgie de Cameroun

Christ notre Seigneur invite à sa table tous ceux qui l'aiment,
qui se repentent de leur péché
et qui cherchent à vivre en paix les uns avec les autres.
Alors, confessons nos péchés devant Dieu et les uns les autres.


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A Native American Celebration of Holy Communion

This is the first trial version of this resource, intended for use and testing by worshiping communities whose feedback will help to improve it in successive releases.  


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