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2014 Worship & Music Planning Calendar

PDF document of lectionary readings for each Sunday in 2014, as well as special days and times throughout the year. 


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2014 Revised Common Lectionary—Sundays & Special Days Only

The Rev. Cynthia T. Hinson, St. Paul United Methodist Church, Conroe, TX, offers this 2-page listing of Revised Common Lectionary readings for 2014, noting Sundays and Special Days.


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Suggestions for Observing Veterans’ Day (November 11) in Worship

 In most years and most times, Veterans' Day passes in our churches with little or no mention. Historically and traditionally, Veterans' Day has been more a civic than a sacred observance. As with New Years Day, Mother's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and others, Veterans' Day is not a part of the liturgical calendar — although sometimes local congregations will observe these days in some manner in Sunday congregational worship. 


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Le Lectionnaire Oecumenique Revisé

Le lectionnaire oecuménique révisé (LOR/Revised Common Lectionary ou RCL en anglais) a été publié en 1992 par The Consultation on Common Texts (CCT), un forum de consultation sur le renouvellement de culte parmi beaucoup d'églises chrétiennes aux États-Unis et au Canada. Ce lectionnaire pour les dimanches et jours de fête est une révision de « Le lectionnaire oecumenique» (publié 1983). Cette révision se developpait aprés six ans de tests et commentaires par nombreuses congrégations de plusieurs communions.


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“And When the Strife is Fierce, the Warfare Long:” A Season of Saints for 2013 (Year C)

During this third cycle of "A Season of Saints," we invite you and your worshiping community to take the month of October to discover, remember, and celebrate those saints whose strife was fierce, and whose warfare was long. Some were martyrs, killed for their faith. Others were persecuted, or faced what seemed to be endlessly uphill climbs in their quest for righteousness, holiness, and peace. All were, and some you know still are, both in and despite such struggles, continually spurred on by “the distant triumph song.”


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Exploring the Revised Common Lectionary

Taylor Burton-Edwards offers this presentation on the Revised Common Lectionary.  He explains what a lectionary is, why we use a Revised Common Lectionary, how Scriptues are distributed among years A, B, and C, and more.


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Planning for Worship during Lent, Year C

As our Ash Wednesday liturgy reminds, this primary "messaging" of congregational worship during Lent is intended to support people preparing for baptism at Easter.  


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2013 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (traditionally January 18-25)

At least once a year, many Christians become aware of the great diversity of ways of adoring God. Hearts are touched, and people realize that their neighbors' ways are not so strange.  The event that touches off this special experience is  called the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Traditionally celebrated between  January 18-25 (in the northern hemisphere) or at Pentecost (in the southern hemisphere), the Week of Prayer enters into congregations and parishes all over the world. Pulpits are exchanged, and special ecumenical worship services are arranged.   


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2013 Worship & Music Planning Calendar

PDF document of lectionary readings for each Sunday, as well as special days and times throughout the year. 


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Services for the Ordering of Ministry in The United Methodist Church, 2013-2016

This edition of Services for the Ordering of Ministry in The United Methodist Church (Provisional Texts) continues to refine our ordinal in ways consistent with our understandings and practice. The changes offered in this 2013-2016 Ordinal and approved by the 2012 General Conference are primarily editorial in nature. Subsequent changes were made to the wording of the ordination of deacons and elders to comply with changes made by the 2008 and 2012 General Conferences.


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