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Evangelism, no ministry of the church is more vital. Evangelism involves several key actions: telling the Good News, announcing the kingdom (reign) of God, and bearing witness.

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Invitations to Discipleship for April 2014

Over the years, when I taught confirmation, I would usually have the youth draw their image of God. I think most of them formed their mental image from reciting the words, "Our Father who art in heaven" over and over again. That is where Jesus lives, safely up there in heaven, where there is no sickness, no broken families, no addictions, no accidents, no bullets, or no wars. That is where God lives, up there, up where it is safe, up there, removed from it all. But through Jesus, we discover that the exact opposite is true. Our God left the safety and sanity of heaven and came down to this violent neighborhood called Earth. God became a real human being, and therefore he suffered and died, like the rest of us do. Our God suffers and cries and dies.


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Uniquely Called - Issue #188 (January 31, 2014)

What partnerships does your congregation have with neighboring churches, organizations, or institutions? What are potential new connecting points?


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Commentary: Discipleship Requires Evangelism

Jesus summed up our job as disciples in two tasks: Love God and love neighbor. As Christians who live out our faith in the Wesleyan tradition, we are challenged to engage in this task throughout our lives, seeking to grow a little deeper in our love for God and neighbor each day. This growth occurs as we worship, spend time in the Scriptures and prayer, fellowship with other Christians, serve our neighbors — and join in God’s redemption of this world.


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Should We Change Our Game Plan? (Part 2)

The sports metaphors continue in Chapter 2 of Should We Change Our Game Plan? as Chuck Hunter contends that the church no longer enjoys the "home-field advantage."


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Should We Change Our Game Plan? (Part 1)

Those of us who serve established congregations have a difficult task before us. How do we celebrate where we have been, while embracing and reaching out to those outside our walls?


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Welcoming New Neighbors

Homogenous no more, a community United Methodist Church responds.


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April 22, 2014
Pastors: Making a Good Move

Designed for pastors who are moving to a new appointment, this event will include ways to say good-bye in the current congregation and say hello to a new place and new people. Tips and advice from several sources for this change that impacts your well-being, your family and friends.

Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm, Central Daylight Time
Duration: 1 hour
Presenter: Betsey Heavner