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Great Thanksgiving
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A Service of Holy Communion for Thanksgiving

This order of service may be used on Thanksgiving Eve, Day, or the Sunday closest to Thanksgiving Day. It may be used in planning an ecumenical service when the participating churches are open to sharing the eucharistic table. If such sharing is not possible, Holy Communion may be omitted.   


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A Great Thanksgiving for Christ the King Sunday

Again and again, through prophets and people,
through leaders in faith, and in the ordering of common life,
you have established your rule as Shepherd,
calling, caring, culling, and bidding us to follow.


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All Saints’ Day/Sunday - A Service of Holy Communion

This service may be used on November 1 or the first Sunday in November.  


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Contemporary Global Celebration of All Saints Day/Sunday, Year C

The service begins with a festal procession accompanied by djembe and other instruments as available. As persons enter the worship space, they are invited to touch the water of the baptismal font. 


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A Great Thanksgiving for Laity Sunday

This form of The Great Thanksgiving is based on "A Service of Word and Table II," The United Methodist Hymnal, pages 12-15. Copyright 1989, The United Methodist Publishing House. It is used with permission. 


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The Great Thanksgiving for World Communion Sunday

You created for yourself a world filled with diversity
and blessed by your breath of life.
Rainbow colors bloom in spring,
summer breezes bring garden delight,
and now as Autumn comes our way
we see the work of your paintbrush upon every face and tree.


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Acción de Gracias Bilingüe por El Domingo de Comunión Mundial

The Lord be with you.
And also with you. / Y también contigo.
Lift up your hearts.
We lift them up to the Lord. / Los elevamos al Señor.
Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.
It is right to give our thanks and praise. / Es digno y justo darle gracias y alabarle.


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A Service of Holy Communion for Labor Day

This service may be used on Labor Day or other occasions when the church gathers to celebrate the blessing and sacrifice of human labor. It may also be used on the Sunday before Labor Day. If this service is used on the Sunday before Labor Day, the Revised Common Lectionary readings may be used. 


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Great Thanksgiving at the Seaside

The Lord of earth and sea and all that is be with you.
May God's symphony of the surf
lift up your hearts.
In the warmth of sun and sand,
we give thanks to the Lord our God. 


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Musical Prayer of Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time

Nickolas Campbell, pastor of Nelson Memorial United Methodist Church in Boonville, Missouri, has arranged this all-musical setting of the Great Thanksgiving for Ordinary Time. It incorporates the music of familiar hymn tunes. Musical versions for melody-only and complete accompaniment, both with words, are provided in pdf, with page numbers from The United Methodist Hymnal in parentheses. Ordinary Time includes the two periods of the liturgical year between Baptism of the Lord and the day before Ash Wednesday andt he time between the Monday after Pentecost and the Saturday before the First Sunday of Advent.


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