Christian Initiation

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Christian Initiation
Planning Worship for Confirmation

A pastor wrote:  I'm looking for worship resources for receiving confirmands. I have The United Methodist Book of Worship, but I want to find some additional resources that speak to our combined experience together as disciples and spiritual explorers in language and imagery that speaks to early teens of the 21st century. Any help will be most appreciated.  


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Living Our Beliefs: The United Methodist Way

Explore a basic explanation of the beliefs and practices of the United Methodist Church as defined in Part II of The Book of Discipline. Uncover a deeper understanding and experience of Christian faith as you embrace the United Methodist way.


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Welcoming New Christians & Making Disciples

A short list for those who want to explore the range of resources and the history and theology of the catechumenate.  


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Come to the Waters: Baptism and Our Ministry of Welcoming Seekers and Making Disciples

Come to the Waters is an invitation to pastors and congregations to make the transforming power of God in Christ accessible to all persons. This book faces squarely the emerging mission frontier and proposes a daring alternative in making the gospel accessible to all persons, especially adults who have little or no experience with the life and faith of Christians.  


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We Will Witness: Liturgies to Support New United Methodist Church Membership Vows

An unknown writer of an African American spiritual wrote, "Who'll be a witness for my Lord?"  
The question begs our response.  


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New Membership Vows and Ritual (Revised and Corrected)

Among the many actions taken by the 2008 General Conference were revisions to paragraphs 217 and 225 of the 2004 Book of Discipline that changed vows for all professing members in The United Methodist Church and clarified the process for receiving members from other denominations. The changes in the vows in the Discipline also affect the official ritual of the church in Baptismal Covenants I, II and IV (UMH 33 ff., UMH 39 ff., and UMH 50 ff.).  


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Hymns for Confirmation

The following hymns are suggested for use for youth and adult confirmation or reaffirmation, together with Baptismal Covenant I in The Book of Worship and The United Methodist Hymnal.


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FAQs about Baptism, Membership, and Salvation

Does The United Methodist Church now have an accepted understanding of baptismal theology and practice?  What does United Methodism fundamentally believe about baptism?  


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Baptism, Membership, and Christian Initiation

This article is about the official paper on baptism adopted by the 1996 General Conference and related issues.  


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Making Disciples in a New Millenium

Contemporary congregations need a ministry structure that serves as a porch, so that people who live in the house and people passing by can get to know each other. A porch is a place where seekers can experience unhurried time and relationships with the faith community, participate in prayer and worship, and connect their story to the gospel story. They can test the reign of God in a faith community context. Without a porch, steps lead immediately to the door of the house.  


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