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Five on the Fifth

The Fellowship has a  series of great ideas for your ministry. On the fifth day of each month, you'll receive new ideas that will be short, easy to comprehend, and contain five points or items. " 


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Art Concordance from “The Text This Week”

Artwork is indexed according to Biblical/Liturgical subjects.


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Welcome to Worship

Peachtree Road United Methodist in Atlanta has placed in each pew rack a two-sided laminated card, about the size of a hymnal but a little taller and not quite as wide. They place one card behind each hymnal. The card contains information about the symbolism and worship practices of their congregation and sanctuary, and serves as a kind of "Frequently-Asked-Questions" tool.


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Acting in Faith

Acting in Faith equips lay people in the basics of acting, directing, script selection and creation, and working with their pastor and worship team to create an effective and meaningful ministry. 


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Stories for the Journey

The marriage of computers and the telephone has made communication nearly instantaneous. We are provided with "fast facts," no time to reflect on meaning. "Keep it simple, stupid," is the mantra we hear. If you can't say it in a few words (mono-syllabic words at that) you may as well not say it at all. Your message must be short — reduced to its essence. That is the paradox! As the world becomes more complex, we expect the answers to become simple. We want them summed up in a chorus, a slogan, a few well-chosen phrases. 


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Church Architecture: Building and Renovating for Christian Worship

A comprehensive and practical guide for designing or renovating sanctuaries or chapels. 


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Resources for Storytelling as Theology and Experience

A list of resources for storytellers to use for personal growth and development and in communities of faith to bring people to God. 


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